Dicover Loire Valley

Welcome to Saumur in the Loire Valley , famous for its castles and its wines. This region is rich in history and renowned for its wine terroir. Your guest room is located at the Patio Saumur. Le Patio is located near Saumur wine cellars, including some prestigious like Ackerman, Bouvet Ladubay and Caves Louis de Grenelle. You will discover the blue slates, white stones which makes the charm of the Loire Valley. You will also be surprised by the troglodyte houses! Region with an exceptional heritage, Saumur has throughout its history to preserve its authenticity, particularly through its culinary traditions ( Fouées, dried apples ... ) and its sparkling wines . Around the Loire World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its exceptional and preserved nature, leisure activities are numerous: Fishing, horse shows, boat rides Loire where you will discover green islands and sandbanks. Here is a selection of attractions not to miss during your stay in Saumur... Enjoy .

Bioparc de Doué-La-Fontaine

Caves Ackerman

Comité départemental du tourisme de l'Anjou

Distillerie Combier

Spectacles équestres du cadre noir

Village de Montsoreau

Village troglodytique de Rochemenier

Le Patio Saumur

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31 Quai Mayaud

49400 SAUMUR

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